Nurse Assistant Training: What You Can Expect


Nurse assistant training in Massachusetts is vital in preparing for a certified nursing assistant (CNA) career. There are several training programs available that run for about a month. If you’re looking forward to a CNA training program, here’s a list of what you can expect.

  • Learn How to Take Vital Signs
    Whether it’s a medical assistant program or a CNA training program, you will learn to navigate one of your most essential tasks, taking and recording your patient’s vital signs. A CNA records height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and more. Taking vital signs is crucial in providing high-quality patient care!
  • Understand Infection Control
    Infection prevention is essential for nurse assistants in a medical setting. In your CNA training, you’ll learn infection control and discuss related topics, such as ways to prevent infection, universal/standard precautions, PPE and proper techniques, and many more. During your training assessment, you are expected to understand infection control tactics and standards on your exam.
  • Develop Interpersonal Skills
    Besides technical skills, you will also have opportunities to improve your interpersonal skills. Patients have different ways of communicating, so it’s vital for a CNA to learn and utilize effective communication strategies. In a medical assistant training program in Massachusetts, you will learn to be patient, understanding, and empathetic! These are all necessary skills to be a good CNA.

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