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We Offer the Following Courses

Explore the possibilities, immerse yourself in transformative learning experiences, and discover the keys to unlocking your full potential with our healthcare training services in Fall River, Massachusetts. At Coastal Career Academy, your educational journey begins here, where innovation meets tradition and where your aspirations find the perfect foundation to flourish.

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CNA to MA Program

Take your healthcare career to the next level! Join our program that helps Certified Nursing Assistants become skilled Medical Assistants. Gain all the necessary know-how to shine in the medical field.

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Medical Assistant Program

Dive into the world of medical expertise with our program. Learn both clinical and office skills needed for success in healthcare. Get ready to play a vital role in taking care of patients.

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Learn the art of drawing blood with precision and kindness in our Phlebotomy course. Gain the skills to be a key player in healthcare diagnostics.

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Medical Office Assistant

Explore the organizational side of healthcare in our Medical Office Assistant program. Learn the ropes of managing a medical office with skills that will make you stand out.

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Nurse Assistant Training

Start your nursing journey with our training. Get hands-on experience and learn compassionate care skills to support patients.

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Plumbing Apprentice TIER I-V

Discover the world of plumbing excellence step by step in our Plumbing Apprentice program. From basics to advanced techniques, become a skilled professional in this essential trade.

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Patient Care Technician

Become a master in taking care of patients with our Patient Care Technician course. Combine clinical skills with empathy, preparing for a crucial role in healthcare teams.

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Make a difference in critical moments! Join our AHA BLS course to learn life-saving techniques. Get certified in Basic Life Support and be ready to respond confidently in emergencies.

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The Medical Assistant Program

The Hybrid Certified Medical Assistant program is a 24-week Inp program. As a Medical Assistant you will be responsible for both administrative work and medical assisting.

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