Massage Therapy

 Spring 2019

Coastal Career Academy’s Massage Therapy Program provides 650 hours in the art and science of massage. Our focus is the mind-body connection, and how caring, competent touch can promote healing. Students practice their skills in a supervised, clinical setting. The program is three 12 week terms divided between classroom and clinical experience giving the student a strong foundation in massage therapy.

 COST:$6000 plus books and supplies

Admission into the Massage Therapy Program requires that the applicant:

* Attend an information session

* Schedule an individual interview

* Apply using the online application

* Students must maintain a 75% average in all courses

* Adhere to the attendance policy

* Adhere to the dress policy

* Has the physical mobility and dexterity to perform massage therapy services


 The required courses for the Massage Therapy Program are:

  • Massage 1
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Massage 11
  • Kinesiology
  • Pathology
  • Clinical Practicum 1
  • Massage 111
  • Professional Ethics & Practice Management
  • Clinical Practicum 11

 Our classes will begin Spring 2019.

Program Outcomes: Completion of the Massage Therapy Program --

  • Qualifies students to apply to the Massachusetts Massage Board for licensure.
  • Plan and organize an effective massage and bodywork session
  • Perform a massage and bodywork session for therapeutic benefit
  • Develop and implement a self-care strategy
  • Develop successful and ethical therapeutic relationships with clients
  • Develop a strategy for a successful practice
  • Identify strategies to participate in professional organizations and pursue professional development




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